We are often asked for information related to recycling requirements, street use permits, and clean air permits.  Below we have compiled a list of links we believe are helpful to our customers.  If you don't see what you are looking for below, we encourage you to contact us!


City of Seattle - Seattle Public Utilities - Recycling Requirements

To learn more about the construction and demolition recycling requirements for projects in the City of Seattle, please visit the Seattle Public Utilities website.


King County Construction and Demolition Recycling Rule

Starting November 1st, 2016, King County requires construction and demolition debris to be dumped at a privately owned recycling facility. You can learn more about the rule here.

Street Use Permits

Some municipalities require a permit for containers when they are placed on a public street to ensure safety traffic, pedestrians and the workers on site. These are often referred to as "Street Permits". However, each municipality may use different language related to this and have a slightly different process to applying for their permit. Below please find a list of the cities we commonly serve with links to their permitting information. This list is not all-inclusive. PLEASE NOTE - It is the customer’s responsibility to abide by the rules in their location and pay for any necessary permits.  


Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency website provides resources for homeowners and contractors related to renovation, demolition and new construction requirements.