Why Construction and Demolition Recycling is so Important

Construction Recycling – Why?

We take a majority of construction materials.

Construction and demolition (C&D) debris should be recycled. There it is. Simple. It’s a fact. C&D debris has a home, in a C&D recycling facility. Not too much controversy about it, right? Yet why do so many still not choose to take their construction debris to a recycling center? There are so many good reasons to recycle, some of them are mandatory.



A Recycling Center’s Alternatives to Wrapping Paper

Congratulations! You have made it through another year. Time to celebrate the Holidays. Bring on the peppermint hot chocolate, the smell of pine in the air, and the extra 25% of garbage we throw out between Thanksgiving and the New Year. What? Were you not expecting us to say that? You probably were, I mean, we are a recycling center. It’s true though, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day Americans throw out 25% more garbage. I don’t actually think this surprises anyone. The extra 25% of garbage includes all kinds of things, but wrapping paper is one of the most notable. While paper is often recyclable, wrapping paper often is not. All foil and glitter wrapping paper is not recyclable and let’s face it, we all love things that sparkle so most of us have that kind of wrapping paper. So it is time to replace our garbage wrapping paper with something better! Something more sustainable. We have come up with a list of our favorite alternatives to wrapping paper.


Spotlight: United Recycling Seattle Project Manager

Recycling Seattle

United Recycling Seattle – Employee Spotlight


Our customers are our lifeline. They breathe life into our process, and in return, we hope to make their job easier. Through great customer service and an array of knowledge, Bruce… (more…)

C&D Debris in King County: New Rules

C&D debrisNew Rules for C&D Debris

Solid waste facilities in King County will no longer take construction and demotion debris. Yep, you read that right. In November King County began and new rule about construction and demolition debris. The new rule hopes to curve greenhouse emissions by falling in line with SCAP (Strategic Climate Action Plan).

So where can you take construction and demolition debris? Privately owned recycling facilities are now the destination of construction and demolition debris. There is some leniency though. If the C&D material is less than 10% of the load and hand unloaded, then it may go to a solid waste facility.

Let’s get down to what matters, at what point is something considered C&D recycling? Well, according to the King County website, C&D debris is just a list of materials.


Andy H.

I want to express my appreciation for your first class operation at United Recycling & Container. My employees and trucks frequent your facilities for landscape materials and for the disposal of recyclable landscape debris. I congratulate you for the quality of your operations and for your friendly staff.

Earthworks Contractor

Thank you so much for the confirmation on payment. We appreciate the fast and professional service United Recycling has provided and look forward to doing business again soon.

Todd M.

I was impressed with the care that the drivers took in placing and picking up the dumpster. The driver that placed it, took the time to get it close enough to the garage that I was able to dump the roofing straight in from the roof, and didn’t have to handle it again. That saved us a lot of time! I also appreciated the fact that the driver who picked up the dumpster spent a few minutes sweeping up the debris that we couldn’t get to underneath when we were done filling it. I’ve never seen that kind of service from a container hauler. I’ll definitely be recommending your company in the future.

Built Green Member | General Contractor

Thank you very much – you and your guys have done an excellent job for us here and we appreciate that!

Dan | Demolition Project

I had a house tear down in Skykomish and was very pleased with the United Recycling & Container truck drivers and their efficiency. From getting the containers scheduled, to the drivers coming in and out with the containers, I was very impressed and was glad I had been recommended to United Recycling & Container.

Paul | All City Sawing & Drilling

It is with pleasure and gratitude to share comments on our experience with United Recycling & Container about their first class services. While we have used a number of recycling and container companies, We (All City sawing) have never before encountered such a level of excellence as we receive from United Recycling & Container.
The experience of customer service from the office staff to the delivery drivers is superior, insightful and innovative. United recycling’s diligence work efforts are effective and proactive during all tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal; they surpass all expectations with a noticeable degree of competence and integrity!
Thus, All City Sawing &Drilling highly recommends United Recycling & Container for any Recycling or Container needs.